The meeting and events industry clearly experienced a great deal of change over the course of the last 16 months. An industry filled with incredibly talented people who were singularly forced to be nimble and adaptable can now learn from each other to accelerate our industry’s exciting (re)start with the right event solutions.

For Encore, we see the need to act fast to best support our customers and industry partners.

Events that were fully virtual last year are now shifting to hybrid, sharply accelerating a movement that had been developing over the last decade. The strong return of in-person events presents the opportunity to capture the irreplaceable benefits of face-to-face while not losing the advantages offered by virtual platforms.

To best fulfill our company purpose to ‘Connect & Inspire People,’ we often share insights and education about the changing industry paradigm and the production models and solutions available for any kind of event experience.

Our recent strategic partnership announcements with Cvent and Intrado are based on the fundamental belief that we are all better together and collectively can better serve customers’ needs.

Identifying Problems to Create Solutions

We have heard loud and clear from our planner partners that “hybrid” events most often feel like planning two events. And it is clear in order to realize the benefits associated with virtual audience extension, this must change. We also understand that they have been challenged to find the right platform and production partner for any event.

The simple goal of the three industry leaders is to make it easier for event planners to transition from all virtual to hybrid through a single end-to-end solution, connecting in-person with remote attendees through an integrated experience.

As we streamline services and solutions, we are continually learning from one another. This same work is helping Encore accelerate the development of new solutions and best practices that will remind our communities of the power of business events.

By streamlining event planning and execution and simplifying the number of partners a planner needs to engage, they can remain focused on their event while fulfilling the need for a multi-faceted event format more easily and cost effectively. Encore now offers a full range of world-class platform solutions across the event spectrum, for any meeting type, scale or complexity to integrate with the proven event production capability and expertise that has earned us a trusted event industry leadership position for decades.

A Solution that Fits the Bill

Cvent’s Attendee Hub self-service event solution for smaller events, Intrado’s studio-quality production event solutions for larger meetings and tradeshows, and Encore’s proprietary Chime Live platform in the center of those hybrid event needs, allows us to deliver exactly what you need to meet your event objectives. It also gives Encore the opportunity to recommend the right solution every time, whenever, wherever, and however you choose to meet.

When we rebranded to Encore earlier this year, we did so with the motivation to simplify our story so customers could more easily get the best of our many solutions. Our partnerships with Cvent and Intrado reinforces this aim. It is not lost on us that both companies felt Encore was the only production partner that matched their respective platform leadership positions with our production capabilities and onsite scale and experience. It keeps us motivated to press forward with solutions that best fit our customers’ needs.

We are passionate about leading this exciting, evolving, and ever-changing industry to thrive again. On behalf of our thousands of team members around the globe, welcome to our Encore.

Ben Erwin


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