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Encore’s hotel and resort team members build business relationships while providing creative solutions that exceed your guests’ expectations. Encore’s in-house service staff place hospitality and a stress-free environment as a top priority in every customer interaction and event experience.

To stay ahead in the industry and maintain global safety standards, Encore provides and regularly requires training for all its technicians, sales staff, and production teams.

We equip our hotel and resort teams with the sales tools and resources to meet the needs of a wide variety of event types. From special events to meetings and conventions, Encore’s product teams understand the importance of versatility in your property’s equipment and product packages. We continually develop technology solutions that are both innovative and well-suited to your hotel or resort.

As the number one hotel audiovisual and event technology provider at more than 2100 venues worldwide, Encore offers unmatched production capabilities with high-touch customer service.

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