People are returning to in-person events. But the audience doesn’t look the same. One reason might be because the majority of Americans care more about their mental health, physical health and family than they did before the pandemic (Source: The Harris Poll, “The Great Awakening”), by 67 percent, 71 percent and 72 percent, respectively.

It’s clear that if you want to expand your in-person event’s reach, adding a hybrid element is the way to go. According to the Spring 2022 Encore Planner Pulse report, 25 percent of events will continue to have a hybrid component through the end of the year. For associations, that number may be as high as 50 percent, if recent PCMA research is any indication. True, 70 percent of people surveyed prefer attending events in-person, but do you really want to shut out 30 percent of your potential audience?

That’s why event organizers should start to think about hybrid as being ‘in-person+’: A way to enhance the in-room experience and make sure that everyone who wants to can attend your event.

Maximizing virtual event management

There are three things every hybrid event needs:

  1. Camera
  2. Audio
  3. Event Platform

We’ve covered how to select the best camera and why audio matters for your hybrid events. Let’s talk about the boundless possibilities for engagement that hybrid event platforms offer by examining one of the platforms the Encore team recommends: Chime Go℠.

Chime Go

Chime Go is a fully supported, quick start event site that the Encore team can configure in multiple ways. Setting up a Chime Go microsite is an easy way to add hybrid functionality to your in-person meetings. Think of Chime Go as a dedicated website that we create just for your event that brings the essential elements together in one location that your in-person and online participants can access from their own device —mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.

Features include:

      • Branding and theming
      • Self-registration
      • Pre-event and onsite access
      • Agenda with meeting map
      • Note-taking
      • Q&A with audience upvoting
      • Forum
      • Platform analytics
      • Web accessible for screen readers
      • Support for more than 10,000+ users

Add-on options:

      • Sponsor banners
      • Fundraising links
      • Chat & sentiment stream
      • Closed captioning
      • Creative services
      • Broadcast or on-demand video
      • and more.

Being able to engage participants prior to the event and after maximizes the ways you can connect with your audience to build excitement, leverage word of mouth marketing and keep them buzzing long after they return home. The functionality keep audiences tuned in and gives everyone a chance to have a voice, express their opinions and connect with the content and each other. And being able to self-register and build personal agendas gives event participants the tools they need to maximize the value they get out of the event. The data you gain from the event dashboard will tell you what worked, what didn’t and help you improve the experience for everyone next time.

Want to learn more about the boundless possibilities for in-person+ engagement? Contact the Encore team to schedule a free consultation.

'Image of Chime Go event platform which enhances the meeting experience and interactivity for in-person and remote attendees
Chime Go enhances the experience and interactivity for in-person attendees, it delivers in-person+ connecting and engaging your remote participants with chat, sentiment streams and more.
Kristi Casey


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