Encore's Rigging Standards

From set changes to increased lighting options to special effects, rigging raises the possibilities. As the exclusive rigging provider, Encore is delighted to partner with you to develop a safe, effective solution that elevates your event. Let’s connect and inspire people – together.

Accurate technical information must be provided in advance to allow Encore Rigging the best possible opportunity to assure your event’s success. Encore is dedicated to event safety, including all items attached to production truss or the structure of the building in any event or meeting space.




    • Fill out the online form at Rigging-Form. All submissions should be made at least 21 days prior to load-in. Events scheduled with less than 21 days’ notice may incur additional charges.
    • There will be a charge per event for a comprehensive safety review by our Rigging Coordinator. This review verifies point load calculations, staffing and equipment needs, and CAD support to provide feedback on the initial rigging plot. Further CAD assistance is available for an additional charge. No quotes can be provided prior to submission and approval of the plot by the Rigging Coordinator.
    • Rigging plots must contain all flown equipment in addition to a reflective ceiling plan with hang-points. The Rigging Coordinator will provide you with our CAD file as your design template once the online form has been received.
    • All drawings must be attached to the rigging advance in one of the following formats: .dwg. .dxf, or .vwx. Arrangements can be made to transfer larger files. Hard copies will be accepted at a scale of no smaller than 1/8″:1′-0″.




    • Encore is pleased to provide Prostar, Lodestar, and Stagemaker chain hoists, optimized for hotel, convention center, and entertainment rigging use.
    • Encore’s exclusivity to specific rigging equipment varies from venue to venue. Encore may be exclusive to chain hoists, attachment hardware, rigged truss, airwall hanging, banner hanging, ground supported truss structures (indoors and/or outdoors), and scissor lifts. Please contact your Encore representative for additional information regarding venue specifics.
    • A scissor lift is required for all rigging calls. Please check with your Encore representative to determine if Encore-provided lifts are available for rent. All lifts used in the venue must have non-marking tires in good condition. Please contact your Rigging Coordinator regarding your venue’s requirements for wheel coverings.
    • If utilizing a Encore-owned lift, operators must present documentation verifying active scissor lift operation certification and complete a liability waiver.
    • Construction or outdoor lifts will not be allowed inside the venue. All lifts must be free of trash/debris and in good working order.
    • Scissor lift rental pricing is subject to availability and should be confirmed 14 days prior to your event. All prices subject to change without notice.
    • All flown equipment and materials must meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI) guidelines and be approved by Encore.
    • A steel safety backup is required on all suspended items.
    • Rigging hardware must be rated for overhead use and forged if possible (wire rope clips, eyebolts, etc.) unless approved by Encore. General hardware (nuts and bolts) should be Grade 5 or better.




    • Many ballrooms are equipped with specific rigging points with various load ratings. Please refer to the facility CAD files for exact locations of the rigging points and ratings.
    • Please verify with your Encore Sales Manager if airwall hanging is permitted.
    • All connections to the ceiling, airwall track, or supporting structure of the venue must be made by Encore.
    • Flown equipment may only be moved by a Encore rigger. Adjustments to any flown equipment will only be done under the supervision of Encore.
    • Additional weight cannot be applied to flown equipment without Encore rigger oversight.
    • Excluding known, vetted aerial performance acts, under no circumstances may a person be suspended, walk, or climb upon any point or supporting structure attached to the ceiling. Aerial performances require additional documentation, including additional terms and conditions, waivers, and specialized insurance certificates. Please contact Encore if your event involves an aerial performance.




    • Late schedule changes or changes to the previously approved and submitted CAD plot may result in additional charges.
    • Encore will make all connections to the ceiling and will assist your staff in lower equipment attachments. Please contact our office for clarification of what services and equipment Encore is able to offer.
    • Encore will not “dead hang” items over 100lbs or 10’ in length with a scissor lift. Chain hoists or crank towers must be used.
    • If the venue does not permit cable picking, or if cable bundles exceed four socapex or other similar multi-cables, a cable bridge truss is required. Please contact your Encore representative for additional information.




    • All rigging crews will consist of a minimum of two riggers. The overall number of riggers and equipment required for your event will be determined by Encore.
    • Rigging calls have required minimums that are dictated by the local market that your event is occurring in. Please contact your local Encore representative for further details.




    • For all décor items, including banners and scenic elements, Encore requires general construction details, a full materials list, appropriate through-bolted attachment points with a 5:1 minimum safety factor, and pictures of all suspended décor items and their attachment methods. All rigging hardware must be rated for overhead lifting and suspension. General hardware must be Grade 5 or better.
    • For manufactured décor items, Encore may require manufacturer specification drawings.
    • The onsite rigging staff may deny suspending any item that deviates from the information given, specified weight, or is constructed in an unsafe manner.
    • As the sign/scenery/décor supplier, it is ultimately your responsibility to provide a safe product to your customers and their attendees.


Encore is committed to providing a safe working and event environment for our venue partners and guests. If it is determined that your hardware does not meet industry standards and requirements for safe work and overhead lifting, you will be asked to replace or repair any affected items, which may incur additional charges.




    • To schedule Rigging Services, please visit: www.encoreglobal.com/rigging-form
    • By submitting your rigging request electronically, it will go directly into our nationwide rigging system, ensuring a prompt response and follow-up tracking.
    • A Encore Rigging Coordinator will review your information and forward the approved request to the appropriate on-site Encore team members. A Encore representative will then forward a rigging estimate for your review and signature along with verification of your proposed rigging plot.


*Ask your representative for full details regarding labor rates, which can vary based on complexity and time of operation. All Encore solutions may be subject to property administrative fee. Equipment prices do not reflect labor charges, which may apply. All rates are subject to applicable sales tax.