When the World’s ready to Meet

We’re Ready

The meeting and events industry is facing an unprecedented situation. Despite the current environment, our industry shows resilience. We align our purpose to show that we are stronger together.

PSAV and our family of companies, along with MMBEICMPI, and PCMA have launched an advocacy campaign for our industry.

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Because when the world’s ready to meet, we’re ready to create impactful experiences with you.

To read more about the full, global impact meetings and events have on the economy, click here to access the Events Industry Council Research Study.

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We’re Ready to Create Connections

Even with the convenience of virtual substitutes, in-person events are still the preferred way to meet for an optimal, engaging experience. They deliver top line growth, bottom line results and, most of all, human connections. We learn, change and innovate when we are together — and that value is something that cannot be replicated.

We’re Ready to Ignite the Economy

Meetings and events are a global economic powerhouse. In a study commissioned by the Events Industry Council, findings showed that the business events sector directly generated more output than many large global sectors – including consumer electronics and computers and office equipment.

As the world prepares to return to business as usual, our industry prepares to restore its place as a critical business driver to a healthy and thriving global economy.

We’re Ready to Get Communities Back to Work 

Day after day, it’s the people that keep meetings and events running. The people that make up our cities, our communities and our neighborhoods. 

From direct impact employees such as banquet, staging, and other hotel and venue staff to the behind-the-scenes team members like accounting, food supply, and technology support, meetings and events are responsible for supporting more than 26 million jobs. 

We’re Ready to Drive Business Recovery 

Our industry is at the helm of driving business around the world. From local mom-and-pop shops to global economic staples, we work with businesses of all sizes to successfully execute events and advance booming economies. 

We’re Ready to Start Working 

Meetings and events put people to work. The income earned for these hardworking individuals allows them to provide for their families, send kids to college and save for retirement. 

When events happen, everybody goes back to work – putting money back into our economy.