Financial Sales Meeting

Hybrid meetings accommodate those that are unable to attend your event in-person. A 100-person Sales meeting was broadcast from an Encore venue to those viewing remotely, allowing the team to move forward with their important event.


Our customer was looking for a hybrid meeting solution that could accommodate a group of 100 local sales team members onsite, while also engaging team members who were located across the US. Given the need to socially distance, there was a need to adhere to a variety of physical distancing and safety precautions.


Apply MeetSAFE Guidelines to the setup of three meeting rooms to address physical distancing concerns. Implement a hybrid event solution leveraging Chime Live to connect and engage with teammates onsite, as well as those participating remotely.


Room setups addressed physical distancing requirements enabling attendees to focus on the meeting content. Remote participants felt connected with their teams and received the valuable insights shared throughout the meeting. All attendees were able to engage with their teams before, during and after the event.

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