Fairmouth Austin - Hybrid Town Hall

A corporate town hall was held to unite in-person and remote employees. With a managed webinar, leadership was able to connect and engage with their remote attendees, boost morale, and instill important reminders to their team members.


Our partner was looking for a hybrid solution that could accommodate a group of 100 employees onsite, while also streaming their message to employees who were not able to be there in-person. Given the need to socially distance, they asked to space seating out at least 7 feet apart to provide a safe place for those onsite to congregate.


Room layout, and meeting design followed the MeetSAFE guidelines to address physical distancing concerns for in person attendees. Ensure all equipment is sanitized throughout the event. Leverage the Managed Webinar platform to connect and engage remote attendees with the on-site team.


On site attendees were pleased by the flawless execution and the ability to work within the new physical distancing policies. Participant feedback indicated the hybrid experience was better than the last Town Hall meeting which was completely virtual. Achieved their goals to instill clear directives, continue to boost morale, and increase comradery during this difficult time.

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