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Veronica LeBourgeois

Veronica is a writer and strategic thinker on the Proposal team. The proposal team creates custom copy, visuals, and strategic solutions for event proposals and creates content that informs and helps Sales sustain positive, long-term relationships with their customers. Through her natural curiosity for innovative technology and a love for breaking down broad concepts into targeted content pieces, Veronica hopes to connect with customers.

3 Tips for a Versatile Hybrid Event Environment

Jan 31 2021
Veronica LeBourgeois
You’re planning an event and you select your venue. What’s next? In a venue, a floor plan provides limits to stay within the physical boundaries of the building itself. What happens when you introduce the digital environment of a hybrid event? How does that impact your participant experience? I’ve put together three easy-to-remember environmental cues ...

Virtual Fundraising in 2020

Oct 23 2020
Veronica LeBourgeois
How International Esperanza Project used a virtual broadcast to raise record funds Hosting a fundraising gala in 2020 comes with a unique set of challenges. For instance, travel is not an option for many guests. For those willing to travel, how can you help keep them in a safe, clean environment? And, there is a ...