Madeleine Bart

Madeleine brings a wide range of experience on both sides of the aisle. Having started her career in the industry as a meeting planner, she brings this deep understanding of our client’s needs and objectives to her creative and marketing strategies. Joining Encore in 2016, she is currently serving as Vice President of Creative and Marketing – Canada where she leads high performing teams to uncover new opportunities, create best-in-business solutions to fuel high growth revenue, and design extraordinary experiences for our customers

A Case for Production: A Partner’s Conference

Jul 15 2021
Madeleine Bart
How a Multi-National Professional Services Network Elevated their Attendee Engagement through Production Finding creative ways to engage attendees in a virtual setting has always been a challenge. Today, with virtual and hybrid meetings a new norm, and zoom fatigue on the rise, it has only become even more exacerbated. In late September, one organization was ...

5 Tips & Tricks for Planning your Next Virtual Awards

Dec 4 2020
Madeleine Bart
5 Tips & Tricks for Planning your Next Virtual Awards  See How Two Associations Successfully Incorporated Virtual Elements Into Their 2020 Virtual Award Programs As we get close to the end of another year – and one certainly filled with unique challenges – celebrating your team’s achievements or your memberships’ successes are more important now ...

Readiness to Adapt your Event Type

Oct 29 2020
Madeleine Bart
How the Canadian Leadership Congress leveraged a Presentation Stage™ to overcome the unexpected When it comes to planning events in 2020, readiness to adapt your event type has become the new norm. Government regulations, safety best-practices and COVID case counts seem to be ever-changing. To respond, organizations must be ready to carry out business activities ...