Why Use Virtual Events by Encore 

Made for Presenters

          • Professional Tools like Remote Presenter Kit and Presentation StagesTM
          • Content available On-Demand to reach audiences in different time zones
          • Speaker Coaching, comfort monitors, rehearsals, and contingency plans

Made for Attendees

          • Engagement tools that keep energy levels high and give participants a voice e.g. Q&A, Upvoter, WordClouds, Heatmaps, Polls, Feedback
          • Personalized agendas / content
          • Multi-lingual platforms, simultaneous translation to support global audiences

Made for Exhibitors

          • High-touch service for booth setup and content upload
          • Deliver live and pre-recorded presentations simultaneously
          • Record and present Virtual ePosters

Made for Sponsors

          • Opportunities to monetize the event
          • Greater reach with remote audience
          • Ability to share a variety of resources in-app

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Encore's Virtual Event Platform Features

Interactive Polling

Q&A, polls, surveys, downloads, social integrations, and more lets audiences interact and participate actively across your event.
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Give an opportunity to Ask Questions and allow the audience to Upvote their favorite ones.  
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VIP Access

Includes early VIP access to networking tools and other features.
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Notepad allows attendees to write and access their notes anytime, anywhere.
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Attendee Tracking

Generate analytic reports post event to better understand your event engagement, and so much more. Come find out.
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Encore Supports All Types of Virtual Events

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What Our Customers Say:

"...I am still not sure how everything came together so quickly, to create such a seamless and well-orchestrated conference. You really led us through the process of learning not just a new system – but really creating a virtual event for the first time... "

"I’ve heard so much great feedback from our clients and stakeholders – and we truly couldn’t have done it without you!"

“…by far the smoothest and coolest event we’ve ever done.”

“I am getting so many happy notes from the team about the quality of the production and amazing vibe. Thank you so much for all the hard work on this!! Seriously amazing.”